I’m finally starting to understand why we were always advised not to make any decisions when feeling too much of a certain emotion. Whether it is happiness, excitement, sadness, anger, hurt, disappointment or any other emotions a human can possibly feel. Why you may ask. My answer would be because more often than not, the results of those decisions does not end up the way we wanted it to be. Rash decisions does not equal to great results. A lesson I learned the hard way. Count from 1 to 10, or even 1 to 100 if need be to let the euphoria of happiness & excitement die down and the anger, hurt, sadness and disappoint subside. It may take a longer time before you can come up with a decision, but chances are, the results will hopefully be the way you wanted it to be. A sound decision can be made when you’ve already thought things through with a clear mind rather than a murky one bursting with emotions.


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